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Leather Sewing Awl Thread Kit Manual Sewing Machine Speedy Stitcher Leather Craft Stitching Shoemaker Canvas Repair Tool

  • Leather Sewing Awl

Leathercraft Speedy Stitcher Hand Sewing Awl Tools Kit For Leather Sail Canvas Heavy Repair Fabric Stitching Shoemaker


Material: Wood + Stainless steel, Hard chromium plating(needle)
Set A Sewing Awl Dimensions: 17cm x 3.5cm/6.69*1.37inch(with needle )
Set B Sewing Awl Dimensions: 16cm x 3.5cm/6.29*1.37inch(with needle )
Set F:3pcs waxed thread(50m/55yards /roll),white,black,nature color

Set A Package Included:
1 x Coil Black waxed thread
1 x wrenc
1 x Stitcher Sewing Awl
2 x Needles (big and small)

Set B Package Included:
1 x Stitcher Sewing Awl
2 x Needles (a straight needle, a curved needle)
1 x beige waxed thread (approx. 25m)

Set C Package Included:
1 x Set A
3 x waxed thread(50m/55yards /roll)

Set D Package Included:
1 x Set B
3 x waxed thread(50m/55yards /roll)

Set F Package Included:
3 x waxed thread(50m/55yards /roll)


Sews a lock-stitch just like a machine.
For sewing awnings, shoes, upholstery, backpacks ,sails, sleeping bags, auto tops, saddles, harnesses, handbands and much more!
Features wood handle Great for use at home, camp, farm, and much more.
With a little practice, it sews a perfect lock stitch every time - just like a sewing machine.

Set A Installation instructions:

1, using a set of wrench to open
2, open all the parts
3, the needle upside down into the wire
4. Pull out the wire after the needle is pulled out.
5, according to the normal direction of the needle into
6, at this time will turn the line into hand sewing machine
7, use wrench to tighten the screws

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